Welcome to Living In Faith my name is Cayla, I am a young woman, I am visually impaired and autistic. I am from Charleston South Carolina but moved to Midland North Carolina back in 2018. I want to be a youth minister and photographer. God helped me through a lot of things through out my life. I was able to overcome all my obstacles with God on my side. I’m just a woman who wants to spread the God’s Word.

On August 7th of 2020 I got “the calling” from God. I want to be a youth minister. I will serve God and I will never stop spreading the Word of God.I have gotten closer and closer to God over the past two years. I have always believed in God ever since I was little, but as I got older I started nothing the things that God has done for me. God has always been by my side through thick and thin. I want to spread God’s Word and I want to help others.
I share my stories and testimony on this blog. I also share the Word of God as well.
I made all the picture quotes and bible verses that I post on here. Let’s spread some positive vibes and love.
I want to make a difference in this world. I only want to inspire others and spread kindness everywhere.
I love God and I am proud to say that. Having a relationship with God is the best. God has shown me His love throughout my life and He has done amazing things for me. I am grateful for His love and I am grateful for what He has done for me.
I hope everyone enjoys my blog and I want to thank everyone for reading my blog.