Welcome to Living In Faith made by Cayla Jarrell. This place is a place that I share my testimony and my stories.

Living In Faith is a blog made by Cayla Jarrell, she is a young woman who loves God. She’s from Charleston South Carolina, but she moved to a small town called Midland in North Carolina back in 2018. She loves Jesus Christ, music and photography.

She’s a mildly autistic girl and also visually impaired.

She wants to be a photographer and youth minister. She has overcome a lot of obstacles throughout her life. She found God at a really young age, she is learning how to deal with anxiety and learning how to overcome her obstacles.

Psalms 46:5 says “God is within her she will not fail.”

In a world full of hate, be a light. (An original quote made by me)

Cayla Jarrell

God doesn’t owe us anything yet in His Grace, He still gives us good things.

Billy Graham
This is one of my favorite bible verses, it helps me a lot.

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